Friday, August 05, 2005

Katherine Harris-Florida State Library

Her new look

her "what me worry? look.

Katherine Harris used to be in charge of the Florida State Library. She used that position to end the scourge of adult, seriously...see this old post to the Committe on Literacy/NIFL list now erased from the archives..Harris used her position to get her self on billboards...she was even on the state library directory cover...

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To: Adult Literacy Library Initiatives
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 08:18:42 -0500
Subject: [LIBRARY-LIT:2839] what can be done to move forward

I am hoping the COL will communicate with each state chapter.
At present I am not directly involved in adult literacy or adult
literacy delivery. This is philosophical. I have little faith in
working with my own state (Florida) as I feel that our governor, Jeb
Bush, has used literacy as a political banner and neither he nor his
fmr. sec. of state (Katherine Harris) who promised to 'wipe out the
scourge of adult literacy" (during their campaign--with billboards)
has seemed to me sincere. I include adult literacy as part of my
course in adult services and I serve on a community advisory council
for adult literacy. Does the ALA Literacy Committee communicate with
the 50 chapters and whatever literacy entity exists in each state? Is
there any sort of interaction?
I make these suggestions as a VERY long time participant in the
ALA literacy community. I am hopeful that having a Committee for
Literacy will be parallel to the Committee on Intellectual Freedom.
The COL will send out information on national issues to the states.
Please let me know if I have not interpreted this correctly.