Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Zinsmeister & disinformation

Karl Zinsmeister, the new chief domestic adviser to President Bush, while embedded as a reporter with the 82nd Airborne in Kuwait in 2003, declared that "many of the journalists observable in this war theater are bursting with knee-jerk suspicions and antagonisms for the warriors all around them. A significant number are whiny and appallingly soft."

Zinsmeister, editor-in-chief of the American Enterprise Institute's magazine, wrote the article for the National Review, and it appeared on March 28, 2003. He was appointed to the top adviser post last week.

On Tuesday, in a separate matter, The Washington Post revealed that Zinsmeister now acknowledges that he erred in taking a newspaper profile of himself, altering quotes and text, and then re-posting it on another Web site without noting the changes or asking for approval.