Saturday, July 30, 2005

Peace Process History-Sinn Fein

Sein Fein Bookshop.

Sinn Féin – a century of struggle

Céad Bliain chun tosaigh

This book marks the centenary of Sinn Féin. It is a unique record of 100 years of struggle. This book tells the story of the Sinn Féin century in the words of Republicans themselves over the ten decades since the organisation was established. Lavishly illustrated, the book is one of the centrepieces of Sinn Féin’s centenary programme.

Introduced by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, the book traces the political history of Ireland from 1905 to 2005. It moves from the founding of Sinn Féin to the 1916 Easter Rising, the Black and Tan War, the Partition of Ireland and the Civil War. It speaks with the voice of Republicans in the subsequent years of what James Connolly rightly predicted would be the ‘Carnival of Reaction’ North and South. It gives an insight in the Border Campaign of the 1950s.

It records the struggle of Republicans through the Civil Rights Movement, the collapse of Unionist one-party rule, internment, Bloody Sunday and the long and tragic war. It reflects popular resistance to British rule, the heroism of prisoners, culminating in the hunger strikes, and the emergence of Sinn Féin as a strong all-Ireland political party - despite all the efforts of its opponents. Finally it brings us to the peace process and looks forward to the Ireland of Equals now being built by Sinn Féin.

Sein Fein Bookshop.

Monday, July 25, 2005

8,649 reviews as of mid-March

Harriet Klausner has written over 8600 reviews for Amazon.
A master's degree in library science seemed like nothing short of manifest destiny.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


TypeCon2005 is the seventh annual conference presented by the not-for-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), an international organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of typography and related arts. Foreword has a link to coverage of the event.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rex Libris

Just as a tide of ignorance swells up and threatens to engulf the world, out of the ashes of the Great Library of Alexandria arises a hero, an educated fellow with fists of steel and a mind as sharp as a tack: public librarian Rex Libris. Follow the story of Rex, the tough-as-nails Head Librarian at Middleton Public Library, and his unending struggle against the forces of darkness. Wearing his distinctive, super-thick bottle glasses and armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, he strikes fear into recalcitrant borrowers, and can take on virtually any foe — from loitering zombies to alien warlords who refuse to pay their late fees....Rex is 2000 years old and his boss is Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing.
Rex Libris is a black-and-white comic book, published quarterly. The first 32-page issue will be in stores in August 2005. It is available for pre-order now through Diamond Comics and other distributors. SLG-Slave Labor Graphics.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

25 troops dead in Iraq this month

25 dead to date July 2005. 1700 total. Over 13,000 wounded.
25,000 Iraqi civilians

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Relief Globe

Free Miami Five

Free Miami5
National Committe to Free the Five

Camp Havana Glencolmcille

From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September 2005 over 100 men, women and
children from every corner of this island - and indeed from much
further away - will gather in Glencolmcille / Donegal. They will
come in busses, by car, bicycle or on foot.

They will erect CAMP HAVANA and walk to the top of Slieve League.
Some will take the challenging hike across the whole ridge,
accompanied by a trained mountain guide. Some will use a more relaxed
walking route and some will only go as far as the bus can take them.
All of them will enjoy Europe's highest sea - cliffs which are
surrounded by scenery incomparable to anywhere else on this earth.
Of course we are not just gathering to admire spectacular scenery. We
will get together in what is going to be the biggest show of
friendship with people from another island, Cuba, ever to happen on
these shores.

We are making this effort mainly because five young men are serving
lengthy prison sentences in the USA, guilty of nothing but the attempt
to stop terrorism; murderous and destructive acts which have killed
over 3,500 civilians in Cuba - more than the troubles in Northern

These men went to Miami to try and stop the people who orchestrate
this terrorism and ended up in US prisons. They have spent months in
isolation cells; their wives, kids and relations have been denied

The Miami 5 are victims of one of the most brutal human rights
violations in recent history, victims of breaches of both
international and US law.

We want freedom for these innocent men!

With our sponsored mountain walk and the large meeting / concert on
the evening of Saturday September 17th we will achieve;
- Massive publicity and increased awareness about the case.
- Pressure on political representatives (TDs, MPs, MEPs) to act
as opposed to talk.
- Raising of much needed financial support for the campaign and for
another urgent aid project in Cuba
- Pushing forward the world-wide campaign to free the Miami 5
and strengthen the links between campaigners from various countries
(At this very early stage we already know that there will be people
from England, the USA, Austria, Germany and Denmark coming to show
their support).

We can and we will free the Miami 5!
Nobody in this world is going to do it for us!
Lend us your support!
Join Camp Havana Glencolmcille 2005!
Get in touch with us now!

On behalf of the organisers of Camp Havana
Yours fraternally
Hermann Glaser-Baur

Phone us at: 028 77742655 (from Republic of Ireland: 04877742655)


Friday, July 15, 2005

It's All Right Now

It's All Right Now
Charles Chadwick
Harper Collins,2005
Tom Ripple is an ordinary man who lives in suburban London. The
story begins at his mid-life in the 1970s and moves in a languid
fashion to the present. Ripple has a family that drifts away but he
stays in touch. His observations are circular and complex and we
come to care for the life of this most extraordinary
everyman. I realize that It's All Right Now sort of bookends with Ian McEwan's Saturday but I can't resist Tom Ripple. He is one of literature's most abysmal punners.

Backs of Old Catalog Cards

I have a box of old catalog cards for notes. I keep them home in an old card catalog I rescued. I have one catalog at home and one at my office.