Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WSF 2009: registration opened

WSF 2009: registration opened
From October 7th to November 7th, organisations can register their activities for the WSF 2009, that will happen in Belem.

USSF Social Forum Report.
SOURCE: Progressive Librarian no30 79-102 Wint 2007/2008.

Although the joint delegation of Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) and Radical Reference (RR) members at the first United States Social Forum was small, we certainly put librarians "on the map" at this important social movement gathering. The welcome message in the USSF's Spanish/English program book read in part,

... Corporate globalization and repressive neo-liberal policies have left deep marks on our communities: increasing poverty; multiple oppressions rooted in class, race, nationality, gender, sexuality, ability, and age; environmental destruction; and increasing militarism. The USSF is an opportunity to explore the interconnections between these critical issues. It is an opportunity to come together to share lessons and questions, to learn from each other's struggles. Finally, it is an opportunity to develop the bold collaborative visions, leadership, and strategies that we need to realize the call from our communities: Another world is possible! Another US is necessary!... Para que Otro Mundo es possible otro Estados Unidos es necesario. (United States Social Forum, p.3)