Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bush with a Million-Dollar Education Doesn't Read

George McEvoy,Palm Beach Post Columnist, on George Bush as Willy Loman:

George W., with his family's money, bought himself a million-dollar education at the finest schools. But what did he learn? I wonder.

Harry Truman never went to college, but academicians have described him as one of the finest historians ever to occupy the Oval Office. He did it by reading incessantly.

I don't mean that a president has to be a bibliophile, but to not show the slightest interest in books that analyze your own administration just seems deliberately anti-intellectual.....

I have tried to think what character in literature most reminds me of our current president, and I finally came up with the answer.

Willy Loman. Yep, George W. is like the title character in Arthur Miller's masterpiece play, Death of a Salesman.

After he dies, Willy is described as a guy who got by most of his life on a shoeshine and a smile.

That's our leader, folks. He's got the smile, the strut, the shiny boots.

But he won't read the books because that would be like looking in a mirror, and that's scary.