Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Progressive Librarians Guild. Documents Appearing in Progressive Librarian, 1990-1999.

Progressive Librarians Guild. Documents appearing in the journal, Progressive Librarian, 1990-1999.

“Documents” 2.41-49, 4.37-52, 6/7. 64-69, 8.74-80, 10/11. 83-89,12/13. 49-68, 14.47-50, 15. 62-67

“Address to the United Nations, 11/26/90 by Joseph Reilly,” 2.41-44

“Closed Stacks at the Library of Congress: A Historian Responds,” 6/7.64-67

“The Cultural Boycott,” 4.51-52

“A Declaration of Cultural Human Rights: Draft,” 4.38-46

“Few Voices, Many Worlds,” 4.46-47

“From France: Libraries Losing Their Reason,” 12/13. 63-68

“LIWO and the South African Unification Debate,” 10/11.87-89

“LIWO Resolution on Censorship and Freedom of Information,” 2.46-47

“LIWO Resolution on the Academic and Cultural Boycott,” 2.45-46

“LIWO Statement to IFLA,” 4.48-50

“LIWO’s Guiding Principles, 2.44

“Letter Against Bombing of Iraq; 12/16/98” 15. 65-66

“Librarians Against War” An Open Letter. 2/28/98” 14.47-50

“MSRRT Persian Gulf Resolution, 1/91,” 2.48-49

“Manifesto of Avant-Garde Librarianship,” 8.79-80

“The Media Charter of the African National Congress,” 8.74-76

“Middle East” “PLG Press Release on Gulf Crisis, 9/90, 2.47-48

“Notes from the Front Lines at SFPL,” 12/13. 60-62

“PLG Press Release on Gulf Crisis, 9/90,” 2.47-48

“A Program for Library Change in Sweden,” 5.31-34

“Remarks on Racism, International Relations and Librarianship,” 15. 62-64

“Resolution on the Importance of Freedom of Expression and Free Access to Information, “ 10/11. 83-85.

“Resolution on New Statesman and Society,” 8.77-78

“Resolution on New York Public Library’s Science, Industry and Business Library,” 10/11.86

“Resolution on the Library of Congress,”-American Historical Association, 6/7. 68-69

“South Africa.” “Address to the United Nations, 11/26/90 by Joseph Reilly,” 2.41-44

“Speech by Wayne Kelly, the Superintendent of Documents, to the Federal Documents Task Force at ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Washington, DC,” Feb. 15, 1997, 12/13. 49-53

“Statement of Robert L. Oakley, Director of the Law Library and professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, Edward B.Williams Law Library on Behalf of the American Library Association, American Association of Law Libraries, Association of Research Libraries, Special Libraries Association before the Subcommittee on Legislative House Committee Appropriations on the FY 1998 Appropriations for the Government Printing Office, February 12, 1997.” 12/13. 53-59

“Statement and Resolution to the IFLA Conference, Moscow, August, 1991,” 4.48-50

“World Bank Protest Letter; 6/29/98), 15.67